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You can scroll through the complete list of service request types, or use the keyword search to narrow the choices. Then click the "Select" button next to your choice, to move to the next step.


Note: Use only ONE WORD in the Keyword Search.
Examples of keywords you can use: garbage, graffiti, pothole, tree, drain, light, sign

City Bldg - Alarms
City Bldg - Appliance Issue
City Bldg - Clean / Custodial
City Bldg - Electrical Inside/Outside
City Bldg - Fence
City Bldg - Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling
City Bldg - Key / Lock Management
City Bldg - Painting
City Bldg - Pest
City Bldg - Plumbing

Public Works maintains the public infrastructure.  Please note that this web site is for NON-EMERGENCY service only.  For potential emergency situations, call (510) 615-5566.  This web site enables you to request a service for these assets and activities:

  • City Facilities (graffiti, custodial services, fire stations, recreation centers, tot lots)
  • Parks (landscaping, litter removal, mowing, sports fields)
  • Storm Drains (flooding)
  • Streets (illegal dumping, street sweeping, pot hole repair, litter containers, signage)
  • Street Lights (outages)
  • Trees on public right-of-way (tree pruning, tree removal)

Contact Us: at the Public Works Call Center to make suggestions on how to make this website easier to use.
Phone: (510) 615-5566  Email: